AND….In Other News (AKA.. ION Reports)

I just ordered my FREE proof copy of my NaNoWriMo winner!

In case you haven’t heard me talk about this yet, I participated in NaNoWriMo the past two years…2008 was a F.L.O.P. (only 3200 words) but last year I made it with 2000 to spare *giggle*

I wrote a fan fiction based on Ann McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series. It was a fun challenge, as I tried to stay as very “McCaffrey-ish” as possible. It was much harder than coming up with some of my own things. Pern has very specific parameters, and I wanted to stay with McCaffrey’s writing cadence, so to speak.

This is my cover. Typos and all! It was good practice for the real thing, someday, way in the future. {I did shrink that a bit, hopefully it will show better now}



One thought on “AND….In Other News (AKA.. ION Reports)

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