Tom is Finished, Revising Has Begun!

Tom has had his triumph, now I’ve started revising Seasons. My two oldest said that they’d be happy to edit for me, my daughter wanting to know how much she’d get paid, and my son warning me that he’d probably change the storyline. I guess you get what you pay for.  😉

I’ve made book covers for all three. It’s so much fun to play with the cover generator! I’ll have to wait until tax time to have the money to put into publishing the three at one time. So I have all that time to revise and edit them. Sounds like I’ve made myself a deadline!

It’s amazing to think I can do this. It’s also amazing some of the private comments that I’ve gotten. To know that something I’ve written has touched someone deeply was humbling. I pray that the message of redemption and relationship with Christ is clear in all of them.

I want to offer everyone a Bible. I just can’t decide on where I need to put that in the books themselves. And I’ve made up my own “disclaimer” on the nature of the books being fictional. Here’s a smaple, LOL!

The characters in this book, along with the town of Lakeville, are fictional. Any resemblance to any real person, place or thing is purely coincidental, although I;m sure many of you think you know them. Any use without the author’s express permission is not only illegal, but plain bad form. Unless, of course, you are a producer and have offered me scads of cash to do so. If not, back off.

Well, we’ll see.


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