A Few Random Inspirations

I realize that everyone “sees” things differently when they read, which is so much the beauty of it all!

(bad sentence structure, I know..I never said I was an English major!)

I wanted to share a few of the things that inspired me when I wrote Lakeville

The actual TOWN is inspired ny several towns in NJ that I 1) grew up in (Bergenfield) 2) I used to church in (Hawthorne) and 3) I liked to hang around in (Ridgewood) I’m playing with the idea of a map…we’ll see.

Sammie’s wedding gown was found on this site and that link is the actual dress. Isn’t it wonderful?

This is the horse that inspired Picasso

It hit me one night a week or so ago that when the movie producers come calling, I will insist upon Jonathan Frakes and Genie Franscis to play Rob and Sammie. He’s also a producer, so that should take care of those negotiations, right?

Don’t crush the dream, okay? 😉

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