Revisions, Revisions

I’m fairly certain I am done revising Seasons and Sunnie….I’m working on Tom right now and changing the ending somewhat.

My daughter is editing Seasons…not sure my son has looked at it yet as he’s busy living out Silas’ life on some level…it’s really weird.

My cousins also have a rough copy of Seasons and the comments from my cousin James have been hysterical…he wanted to know who they really all are. Oh, and if Rob was going to hit on Sammie. I guess he hasn’t gotten that far yet.

On a more discouraging note, I picked up a self publishing book from the library, and wowzas! L.O.T.S. of moolah needs to be out put. I best start collecting spare change.

I also took a little break to read a Chautona story online and James Patterson’s new Women’s Crime Busters or whatever he calls them…The 9th Judgement. It was pretty good. I like the short chapters.


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