Day One

Is of course interrupted by cycle issues. But here’s my plan:

~I have to walk a mile to the clinic to get my financial info in. So, I’ll have a 2 mile walk. No too shabby with cramps.

~We’re really tight food wise this week, so my portions will be low by default. That’s cool too. God knows I can’t do this without a kick in the buttinsky. (I highly doubt GOD calls it that, but you know…)

~W.A.T.E.R…..lots and lots of it.

~Pray…I must get prayer in today. And at least one Psalm.

I am adding you all, I finally figured out what I did wrong…sorry for the delay *embarrassed grin*

This week I’ll work on getting pictures, as dreary as that thought makes me. I promise I’ll smile, don;t you hate those “before” pictures where no one has brushed hair and they’re all goofy? NO WONDER THEY LOOK BETTER!

Have a Blessed Day!


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