Shopping List, Tight Funds, Part One

Everyone is probably in the same boat, so I really shouldn’t whine, but it’s just another frustration that makes me lunge for a chocolate cupcake instead of granola and yogurt. The other frustration factor is picky picky picky eaters (my daughter can vouch for me on this one.)

I essentially need to make a menu, and add myself into it. I have a houseful of beef eaters (well, let me rephrase…I have one ‘beef only’ and one ‘beef preferable’…the youngest doesn’t like beef at all.) I love beef, don’t want to completely drop it from my own diet, but really should limit it more. Jonah will at least TRY any new things I’d make. That leaves Pizza Bagels for Dad and Ben *lol*

I did not toss my sale flyers this week. I’ll have to look in them later today and start formulating the list. We need so much this week, including those pesky paper products. I really love my greener friends, but I won’t go paperless. Nuh-uh, no way!

I’ve also been sort of down the past two days with bad cramping. The joys of peri-menopause I suppose. I know eating better and getting into better shape will help that. Again, it’s the frustration of getting started. I talk myself in circles. Maybe Kassandra needs to spend a week with me boot camping me into shape. I also wonder if she’d let me spank her if she annoyed me? 🙂 (Background for those of you who may not know, my daughter is a newly certified personal trainer. See her Facebook page TriBod: Body, Mind and Soul)

I’ll also take the moment to whine about mention the fact that I miss good, fresh, local seafood. Denver isn’t anywhere close to an ocean. I suppose I should be able to find some good lake trout. I’ll have to look into that.

I’ll be back after I peruse the sale flyers. My local stores are King Soopers (Kroger), Safeway, Sunflower and WalMart. If it were only me and I was super rich, I wouldn’t go anywhere but Sunflower 😉 I already saw a few good things from hopping on the sites.


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