Going Okay

While I haven’t been 100% in line with our menu, per say, I think this week I’ve done fair except for that cheesecake pie last night.

I’m starting to feel much better, I have not had a harder cycle than this one in MONTHS. I could not move Monday and Tuesday.

So, tomorrow, Phil leaves late. Cuts my morning time. *grumble* I’ll just have to MAKE time to get started. Basic stretching, maybe an abbreviated mileof WATP, then some arm curls. What I really need to do is find a cheap or free exercise ball. I’ve been sporadically scanning craigslist.com, but I should ask on FB or HK.

Today, food wise, i had 2.5 eggs scrambled (i made 6 and gave the 11 yr old more than half) 1 sausage patty, a whole bottle of water, some homemade lemonade. Warming up a cup of French onion soup for lunch to have along with my 3 oz chicken and salad. Dinner is leftover chili. I’ll have to be easy on that, I can have two bowls easy before I realize that I’m stuffed.

Devotional time has gone nowhere. 😦 I have so much to choose from, it’s sad. I need to make a plan and stick to it. That’s all the trouble though. Sticking to it.

I’ll also weigh and measure over the weekend. There was no way I was doing that mid-cycle, LOL

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