Lakeville Timeline *so weird*

I really like the thought of Lakeville being this “timeless” place, LOL…but since it sort of has to have a timeline due to Park Bench, this is what i worked out PSA: if you haven’t read Full Circle, ignore this timeline:


MacDougalls and Andersons two key families in town at that time

Gregory Jacobs comes to Lakeville circa 1940

1963: Park Bench: Mayor MacDougall running Lakeville; Rob is 17; Sammie is 5; Jackie 7; Victoria is 10; George is 18

1964: Rob goes off to college to get away from family, avoid draft; Meets George Reiger, becomes fast friends

1968: Rob treats himself to the Camaro; Rob drops out of college and joins the service, immediately sent to ‘Nam

1973/74: Sammie and Jackie; Rob is discharged, relocates from VA to Lakeville….buys property for nursery

1975: Sunshine Ellen Young is born in June; Thomas Stuart Jacobs born same year: Steven Rieger born from Victoria’s very short marriage

1976: Storm is born in the fall

1977: Autumn is born in the fall

19-80-ish: Victoria marries George, he adopts Steven

1985-ish: Jackie breaks Sammie’s nose and they separate for a year?

1986: Silas Adam Young born in November

1987: Jude John Young born in October

1997: Jackie’s conversion, reconciliation with the family

2000: Jackie dies

2002/03: Autumn marries Paul; Jacquie is born

2004: Sammie and Rob meet

2005: Sammie and Rob marry in August

2006: Aina Eleanor Revell is born in September; Silas at cooking school; Jude mechanic school and National Guard

2009: River Aengus Revell born; Sunnie and Tom Jacobs meet/marry

2012: Claire born; Tom’s Triumph takes place; Sunnie kidnapped, miscarraige

2026: Full Circle; Sunnie runs for mayor; Sammie and Rob die; Travis Robert and Tyler Samuel born

2028: Dylan Jacobs born

2030: Elijah Matthew Jacobs born; John Anthony joins Army

2038: Homecoming *faint*


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