No, I have not forgotten thee, oh health blog

I did, however, come to gripe.

Laura…you all know her, yes? She’s been bugging me about T-Tapp for months now…maybe even a year. I dunno. Anyhoo, I bought three DVD’s because they had a really sweet deal (all 3 for just $8 shipping.)

I also, foolishly, joined the Tappy Holidays challenge on their message boards. WHY???? I am sure you are asking. Because Laura made me.

This gig starts Monday. Yes, THIS one that’s coming up. So far I’ve only watched 3/4 of the seminar DVD, and 5 mins of the Step Away The Inches DVD. I.May.Die.

And it will be all Laura’s fault.

I also signed up on Lani’s blog and got a few cool downloads and neat chart to tear up into teeny tiny pieces chart my progress.

In any case, I am going to give this my best effort. All she says (Theresa Tapp, NOT Laura) makes good sense. I hope none of you gave up on me. I promise to be more faithful to log my efforts.

Till Monday…..


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