T-tappy Holidays challenge

Alright, I started 2 days late, but I’m going for it! I had my ‘Power Brekkie”, did my first installment of Step Away The Inches, and I’m having sweet potato/carrot soup as I type. Someone on the Tapp forums mentioned they made soups with sweet potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic…how can that be bad? So, here’s my version, it’s SO thick and filling!

Sweet Potato/Carrot Soup

1 smallish onion, diced fine

3 small cloves of garlic crushed

2 med sweet potatoes, roasted and peeled

6 carrots peeled and grated

2 c veggie stock and 2 c water

about 1 c almond milk, unsweetened

dash of sea salt, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, cumin and thyme

sweat out the diced onions in olive oil….add a little stock to glaze the pan, and cook down till onions are almost clear

add garlic and carrots, saute a few minutes then add water, stock, potatoes and spices….

cook 20-30 mins on med

blend in small portions with some almond milk

yummy yumm yummm


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