ION: Deathly Hallows Review

I will spare you details of how 2 small popcorn, 2 med soda, an order of nachos and a large bottle of water added up to $27. Suffice to say, we had matinee tickets, so it all worked out (Thanks to my MIL, who sent us Potter cash to celebrate Halloween)

I had not as in times past, TOUCHED the book before we went. My experiences with absolutely hating the movie (especially my favorite BOOK, Order of the Phoenix) still fresh in my head (it’s been a long time, people!) We left the house Saturday morning with high hopes, and trying deperatly not to think about the ‘naked Hermione’ article I read about on Yahoo news. It ended up not being all that bad (with the exception of the fact that it’s not in the book, but I digress, as usual)

With much assurances to the eight year old that yes, after the one hundred and sixty seven movie previews which were not appropriate for ANY audience, much less a theater full of underage Potter fans (especially a Spandex clad Cher), the lights went down, Ben uttered “Cool!” and we started on our 2.5 hours of pure Potter almost perfection! I seriously haven’t felt this good after seeing a movie since Narnia (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe if you must know) Eat your heart out, Cher. You have nothing on silver naked Hermione!

Now that the movies are almost ending, I fully realize, to my utter humiliation, that unless every movie was in two or three parts, they can’t cram every great book detail into them. I pity the producers that ever try to make a movie out of any of my books. (because that’s such a huge chance, right? hellllloooooooo? anyone home in there?)


One scene I would have liked to see is the Harry-Dudley exchange. I forgive you, David Yates.

The twins, as always, steal the scene they are in easily. Ron is top notch and like I’ve been saying for years now, I think he is going to be the BIG break out star of the franchise. He is such a natural talent. His scene which he destroys the Horcrux that shows him the silvery Hermione and Harry in a pretty hot embrace…it was brilliant, to coin a British phrase. His explanation to Hermione was so heart felt, I was teary eyed. (fair warning, i was weepy through the entire picture, but especially at the end.)

Bella. I cannot say how much I love Bellatrix LeStrange, even though she kills my Sirius. I have perfected Bella’s laugh, and her little song. “I killed Sirius Black!” My kids are seriously wigged out. She is a paragon of the demented. Too bad she’ll get hers in the next movie.

Xeno Lovegood was cool, he looks a little like the actor who plays Zedd in The Legend of the Seeker TV shows. I would have liked to see more Luna, but that’s okay. That scene was done really well, and their escape was great.

The end really was great for two reasons. 1~ it absolutely shows the shift in Voldemort and his focus onto finding the Elder Wand and 2~ it was a perfect place to break the storyline.

All in all, with a few minor complaints about what I would have liked to see (Dumbledore’s funeral) they did a terrific job on this one. Can’t wait till July to see the final installment.


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