ION Report: Hearthkeepers Gift Exchange

Hearthkeepers is a WONDERFUL community of gals online. I’m so blessed to be a part of it.

They have all sorts of fun things going on, a Birthday Exchange, card exchanges and so on. I wasn’t going to participate this year in the Christmas Gift Exchange for various reasons, but I was blessed by another HK’er so I was able to!

My giftee was Heidi, who happens to be a fellow author (Okay, so i really don’t qualify myself as such) and I’ve loved reading her stories through the past year. It was such fun when I got her extensive questionairre (Chautona is brutal, LOL) and spotted the one thing I knew she’d love! Off to Etsy I went to find these wonderful hand crafted leather writing journals. I was sorely tempted to keep it once it came 😉

The really fun side of the story is that Heidi had ME as a giftee! Her son makes wonderful hand beaded dragons. (If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a dragon freak, to my husband’s distress) Along with the wonderous little creature, I also received a FIRST EDITION of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonsdawn, a wonderful whole foods cookbook, a Starbucks gift card, an ornament and a Christmas CD. HOW BLESSED AM I???? I must ask?

My boys were also excited to get a small packet with kite paper and instructions on making origami stars. We should have 27 of them by week’s end. Beautiful!

So, my holidays are starting off wonderfully. God is good. I’m off to read. 😀


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