Yes, It’s Been a Long Time

I think I should be going….Time doesn’t wait for me, it keeps on rollin’….

Alright, that’s NOT why i decided to post 😉

I’ve just completed my first FULL month of fairly regular T-Tapping and I am quite happily astounded at the results! I repeat: FAIRLY REGULARLY

I’ve lost 4.5 pounds and 5….yes, FIVE inches!

*i’ll give you a moment…..*

I’m completely stoked and stunned. I expected no loss at all, and maybe a bit off my arms?

So, my plan is as follows:

Stay with the Tapp Core DVD for the month of February and really get the core moved down. Like until I can do them in my sleep! (most are only 5 mins and UNDER! I can do this!) Continue deleting meat from my diet, though don’t become a total freakazoid over it. I want to do this because I personally DO feel better with a less meat based diet. Those who love beef, carry on! I still love you too. Continue the body brushing, and hey, maybe I’ll even use a brush. For now, the rough washcloth is working fine.

I also plan on being more….regular…in my posting. (okay, get up off the floor! sheesh!)

and for those of you who just can’t get it out of your head

Long Time, Boston

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