Seasons Update and More…Maybe

I’ve been busy re-editing and transferring Seasons to a plain text doc….for my EDITOR ~faint~

Yes…I’ve jumped in with both feet and Barbara will be editing Seasons of A Life, and it’ll be done by June…so in June (or July) Seasons will be in print! WHOO HOOO! So excited!

As I do that, I’m also:

~ reviewing Sunnie’s Rainbow to send to my friend…her husband is a detective so he’ll be making sure all my Tom info is accurate

~ rewriting Tom’s Triumph. Yes, I changed the plotline, I’ll post a preview on site here once I’m reasonably happy with it.

~ working with Heidi to get the Lakeville web page up and running! What fun that is! Heidi is a great teacher, but i let her do all the hard work (writing HTML or CSS or whatever code that is)

~ looking into starting a Teen CBS class here in the Denver West class.

So, that’s what’s been keeping me from blogging, but they’ve been calling me. I’ll be around more, with some new updates for storylines and such.


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