21 Day Vegan Kickstart

Here I am on day one of the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart and I’m bucking the system already 😉 (I had an egg on a bagel instead of apple cinanmon oatmeal)

I really should attempt 21 days vegan, but i am not this month. I will still use my dairy products. Meat has become anathema…at least not very tasty and does not sit well in my tummy.

I’ve always ALWAYS been intrigued by a vegetarian diet. I’ve attempted it through my adult  years. I always get sidetracked by a sudden urge for a greasy burger (go figure!)

I’ve found a ‘meat substitute’ that isn’t too bad. Even my hubby didn’t know it wasn’t ground beef (still has no clue) Litelife has a nice selection of meatless products. I also found Sunshine Burgers, I really like those!

Hopefully I’ll start my C25K this week also…plus I have way cool phone apps for both (gosh, I am a sucker for gadgets)

way cool iPhone app for 21 DVKS (FREE!!!!!)

way cool iPhone app for C25K ($2.99)

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