Vegan Adventures, Week One Point Five

Yes, I said I was starting last week, so that’s why I’m on 1.5 🙂

So far it’s going better. As I said last post, I won’t be giving up dairy, so strictly speaking I’m not ‘going Vegan.’ Yet 😉 We’ll see, but I cannot imagine giving up cheese and yogurt and milk and…well, you see what I’m saying.

So far this week I’ve had eggs for breakfast (either poached over 10 Grain toast or fried with cheese on a bagel) and large salads with lunch. Dinners get a little hairy since The Man needs to eat and he’s all about beef and cheese. I give him credit, he actually tried a TVP ‘meatball’ last night! More on that in a sec.

The recipes for Week One at 21 Day Vegan are really nice! And honestly, since it’s only me, they’ll be enough for two weeks at a time. So far I’ve tried the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and Ambrosia. Of course I tweaked because I have never met a recipe that I don’t tweak, LOL!  Instead of currants in the oatmeal, I tossed in some slivered almonds and added a dash of vanilla almond milk to my bowl. In the Ambrosia, I added chopped pecans instead of that dreaded coconut (BLEH!). I’m planning on making the Carrot and Red Pepper Soup today and making a pot of rice for Hoppin’ John Salad.

I’m also back on  the T-Tapp track! Boy, one week without Tapping or body brushing really made a HUGE difference in how I feel! I received my Shaklee order and started my supplements. Way too many pills, LOL. But I am praying to be able to wean off my blood pressure meds, so it’s a good trade.

So! My foray into TVP

I bough just over a cup of TVP last time I was at Sunflower Market. They have bulk bins. Looked it up online how much water it needed, so I boiled my water and mixed it up…it was a little over a 1:1 ratio. I let that cool down while I fixed up my marinara.

Having never used this before, I mixed it up like I would have if I were using beef…2 eggs, some bread crumb, Mrs dash Original Blend, parmesean cheese and parsley. Had I searched out a few recipes, I would have realized I needed  bit more in the way of ooomph to get them up to snuff. 🙂

After I formed the balls, I fried them up quick in olive oil, then threw some of the marinara into the pan. (Pause: my man, whom I love dearly, would not have appreciated them in his sauce.)

That’s my finished product. I liked them well enough, next time I will grate some carrot, add fresh garlic, etc. My Man said “1.They are Bland. 2. They have a funny consistency. 3. I don’t want any more, thanks.”

Gotta love me a Man who would try TVP. ❤




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