Reviewing Inspirations

Maybe because it’s Holy Week.

I wrote a post a while back about my various song inspirations for the stories…each story has it’s anthem, if you will. I’ve been playing  Power of Your Love naturally as I’m editing Seasons.

I looked up Song Licensing on the Hillsong webpage. My ideas of adding the lyrics at the end of the book evaporated. I’ll still put a blurb in there about the song and maybe the link to You Tube. Once I make a bajillion dollars, I’ll revisit that idea. (baaaawhaaaaaa)

Power of Your Love is what the story is about…the POWER of the love of Christ that changed Jackie, that changed Sammie, that changed Rob. That same Power brought Sammie and Rob together. It’s what binds them, and what allows them both to move on from the memories of the past. It’s also what gives Sammie her fierce love for her children. That same Power also finally breaks through Sunnie’s hard shell and she can forgive the father she’s hated for so long.

While I hope  that people will enjoy the story, I hope that they can read that. The POWER of Jesus’ Love can, as it says, Radically Change people. I know it changed my heart and mind.

Have a BLESSED Easter

He’s Alive, Dolly Parton

The Easter Song, Keith Green

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