Final Draft Is…Well, FINAL!

Whooo hooooooo! It’s to the editor and 3 proofreaders! next stop is uploading it to the printer!

It’s been a long labor…almost 3 years since I started writing about the Young family. In that time, 5 completed stories came and 3 incomplete ones. The time spans over 30 years if you think about it (YIKES!) but always takes place in the ‘eternal now’ as my friend Jeanne told me about once.

I have Sunnie’s Rainbow ready to go once we’re recovered from Seasons, but I have to tweak the first chapter of Tom’s Triumph. I decided to completely rewrite that storyline. Ugh. Sometimes storylines should stay IN my head. 😉

Silas needs some work also. We’ll see when I can fit him in.

Then there’s poor Jude who is in limbo….

I thought I was taking a break?

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