Still Here!

It’s been busy, busy, busy what with school and Bible study starting up and all that (yippity, yappity, excuses, excuses!)

My big thrill-o’-the-week was that my local library is carrying a copy of Seasons Of A Life! My husband insists that I am the only author who requests the library buy their books. I’m sure Stephen King told him that. When I go tomorrow, I will get a picture of myself taking my book from the shelf. I’m more giddy about that than the fact that it’s on Amazon. I love my library. Hopefully, they’ll love me, also, once I pay down that pesky fine.

I’ve been working hard on Sunnie’s Rainbow. My self-imposed release date is February 14…of course. Sunnie’s Rainbow is a grand love story, is it not? (I suppose if you haven’t sen a preview of it, you wouldn’t know) Well, take my word, it is. Among those such as Rhett and Scarlett, Luke and Laura, Ross and Rachel, Ron and Hermione, Edward and Bella (NO!!!! NO, NO, NO, NOT THEM!!!) Okay, maybe I’m going too far. It’s my nature, sorry.

Also coming, if you haven’t discovered the Lakeville Facebook page, is the pre-Christmas sale! Starting October 1, Seasons Of A Life will be available either direct from yours truly or by coupon code from Amazon. Perfect time to snag a copy and to whet your appetite for Sunnie’s Rainbow. Details to follow. 🙂

In the middle of all this comes National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo. I guess I better strap on my jet-pack and get moving!

And as always, I spot characters from Lakeville floating around my actual real-world. Sunnie and Wynter are both attending my Bible study. Interesting. Silas works at my church. Sometimes I do wonder if I need to be worrying. Sunnie assures me all is well.


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One thought on “Still Here!

  1. tell hubs that I request ALL THE TIME the library buy books I want to read. I figure the worst they can say is no and then I’m off to find it cheap-o on Amazon. Glad you are getting to work again, thx for that, I just HAVE to find out what happens next!

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