Good Morning! Friday Sunnie’s Rainbow Update

20 + chapters edited!

I gave myself a deadline again. I want to be able to completely devote November to NaNo so Sunnie MUST be finished by October 25th-ish. At the rate I’m working, I think it’ll be ready to zip the Madame Editor 🙂

Happy to report that it’s shaping up nicely. I do need to email my friend, whose hubby is a Detective in my hometown, to make sure I have my policeman factoids all straight.

The sale on Seasons Of A Life is being extended through October 21st, since Amazon was slow in reflecting the price drop. You can still order through me by emailing me at or leave me a comment here or on the Facebook page.

You CAN request that your local library carry Seasons Of A Life, as well as other books. You need the ISBN. Ask you local library to carry it! If you’d like a copy for your church library, lease email me at the above address and I will see that you get a discounted copy.

Other book, though non-Lakeville related, news:

Chautona finished her “Annals of Wynnewood” series and I’m anxiously awaiting a fat envelope with the final installment! She had a rockin’ blog/Facebook launch party complete with “lost” chapters and prizes. Now she needs to get Luke and Aggie married, unless William whisks her away in his ‘Vette  instead. 😉 She knows my vote.

And, in non-book related news, a friend of mine started his own seasonings company. You can go and like the fan page for Jersey Devil Brands and possibly get a free sample! I have Chipotle, and my oh my is it gooooooooood. maybe I can write it into Silas’ book. 😉

Happy Reading!

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