NaNo, Babysitting, The Christmas Anthology and the FINAL Seasons Giveaway

So much for my “one blog post a week” *furiously blushes*

First: NaNoWriMo report

YES! I made it, possibly by dubious means (I added a hunk of ‘outtakes’) but I made it! I will format and proof Angels Unaware and get my free 4 copies! Look for a preview a little later today 🙂

The Christmas Anthology that I was chosen to be part of will be available any day now on Amazon. My little story is all about the making of Stuffelli with my Mom and Aunt and Cousin. This is the cover. (for the story and recipe, order the book! $24.99 and chock full of exactly what the cover says! Memories, stories, poems and great recipes!)

SO! Onto the very last giveaway (of 2011) of Seasons Of A Life! As usual, you just never know when I’ll toss in a random giveaway, but this one is special! Here are the details:

1 ~ If you haven’t already, Like the Lakeville Facebook page. There’s a link on my sidebar.

2 ~ Share the link and the giveaway.

3 ~ This is the biggie: you MUST post here or on the Facebook page that you’ve done 1&2.

Simple, right?

Now, here’s the REALLY great part! IF you already own a copy of Seasons, on either Kindle, NOOK or hard copy, you will win one to GIVE AWAY! Who doesn’t love to get a good book for Christmas! If you win and you do not own a copy, you will get TWO! One for yourself and one to give away! A double win for the holidays! You have till December 5th, and I will use the ever random to chose the winner. Book or books will be mailed by December 10th. The next giveaways will be for Sunnie’s Rainbow sometime in March, 2012!

We have been babysitting the Grandchild 4 evenings per week. He’s sweet and easy even when he’s fussy, but since Mom and day work the evening shift, it’s been a challenge since I am very much NOT a late-night person. I like to be sleeping by 10PM most nights, usually a little earlier. But, it’s all all right because just LOOK at him!

Till next week!


8 thoughts on “NaNo, Babysitting, The Christmas Anthology and the FINAL Seasons Giveaway

  1. Would love to win a copy of your book! I don’t have one yet and would love to have an extra to give to my mom!
    I’ve liked your page from the very beginning AND linked to you from my facebook wall, too!

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