3650 Challenge AKA Bible Reading For 2012

Setting aside any Lakeville news for the moment since Sunnie’s Rainbow is reposing in Madame Editor’s Inbox 🙂

I was perusing my Facebook news feed the other day and my friend’s hubby posted about the 3650 Challenge. So, naturally I posted on his wall.

“Hi Jon, what’s the 3650 Challenge?”

Yes, I do get right to the point, don’t I? LOL

In any case, he directed me to Tim Challies’ blog where he talks about how he implements the “system”, then I went over to 4Shared and downloaded Horner’s article and bookmarks. There’s also a Facebook group to join so you can be encouraged (or  intimidated, I’ll let you know what camp I end up in.)

I spent an hour this morning cutting out bookmarks and taping them to various things; some bookmarks and some colored index cards. The last is how the top of my Bible now looks (and yes, this is a new Bible I bought this year…it’s so nice and new, isn’t it? Shows how much I’ve actually cracked it open, right? *hangs head in shame*)

I also am making myself a “To DO” sort of thing…I’ll post about that tomorrow (it’s not in my “To DO” book for today)

bookmark on bookmarkindex card bookmarks