Accident Prone Update

Yes, you should have known when I didn’t post on Friday something was up. At least if you read the last post 😀

Friday I spent (between bouts of Sunnie editing) in pretty intense pain. Tooth related. We all know what that means.

Dental Phobia, Extreme Edition.

Yes, I admit it, I am a huge, blubbering baby. There is NO SHAME here. I am what I am. And DARN proud of it.

But, pain is a great motivator to do something. So off I went to Comfort Dental early Saturday morning (like, before 9AM, early) (don’t you HATE it when mature adults use the word “like”? ah, I digress…)

Seems we have an abscessed tooth. And a way lot of dental work that needs to be done that I could buy a used Mustang with. (I don’t really want a Ford, but that’s all I could come up with, it’s early here still) The pain was finally subsiding to a dull roar yesterday.

Putting away the dishes (WHY can’t anyone else do this?) I bent and twisted and did something I do and when I stood up…yup…my back did not join me.

So, after a night of trying to toss and turn, but I couldn’t really move to do so, here I sit. And, so long as I SIT, I am fine.

I do have a stack o’ books to catch up on mow that Sunnie is safely finished and in the hands of Madame Editor (at least I accomplished some positive thing, right?) I have my proofreaders lined up, and I’m working on all my specifics for the cover to be created. It’s a REALLY long list *hides head in a bag* but when I get asked to be specific, well…

I’ll be back Friday…barring any other mishaps.


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