Book Clubs and a Sunnie Update

I’m going to start right off with a confession: I have never attended a book club.

Followed by another confession: I am insanely jealous of those who do attend book clubs 😀

I have seen all sorts of clubs. Christian, secular, those who focus only on one author or genre. I think it would be a great way to retain the book you’re reading (yes, I have gotten books from the library that looked interesting, only to find by Chapter 3 that I have read them in some past time of my life.)

I would like to make an offer to anyone following me who belongs to a book club/group. If you are interested in reading Seasons Of A Life in your group, please email me to discuss a group purchase. I promise it will be a very good deal 😉

Update on Sunnie’s Rainbow: Madame Editor has it for the final glance, and then my two faithful proof readers will have it in their Inbox. Cover design is all written up and ready to shoot over to my wonderful Graphic Genius. I am cultivating patience. It’s a good thing 🙂

I’ve also been upgraded at Goodreads to an AUTHOR! *faints* There’s a screwy link to my page on the right side bar, largely because I probably did not pick the right Widget to add it with. But, the link works, none the less. Boost my ego and become a fan, LOL! At the very least, add me as a friend.

Next week’s post is a Favorite Author post. Author chosen from my list: Ellis Peters, of Brother Cadfael fame.

Have a blessed and joy filled week!

One thought on “Book Clubs and a Sunnie Update

  1. yippeeeee, very excited to see Sunnie’s Rainbow come to fruition!

    Read Steven Arteburns new fiction piece The Encounter in 2 days, def. recommend.

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