Great Book Give Away!

Oh, oh, oh, oh!!! If there’s one thing I love more than book give-aways it’s book give-aways of books that I really love!

Hurry over to Chautona’s blog and order a copy at a GREAT pre-release price, and then leave a comment…you can win a copy!

Here We Come is the next (I’m hoping it’s not the last *HINT HINT Chautona…* of the Aggie series. Aggie is a young lady who inherits her sister’s 8 children when she and her husband are killed in a car crash. They range in age between young teen to less-than-a-year old.

Not to mention the twins.

Aggie has her hands full, and her journey of knitting their hearts together once again is full of excitement, tears, trials, a fairly hot, Corvette driving policeman (okay, that is MY opinion on the matter, you’ll have to read it to make your own choice on that), and a wonderful handyman.

Let’s not forget Uptight Grandmother. She’s good for mayhem.

So, go…HURRY! Order all three. You will NOT be sorry. I promise! đŸ˜‰

Excerpt from Ready Or Not

Excerpt from For Keeps

Excerpt from Here We Come


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