Quiz Answers

Quiz #1

1. Sunnie works at Weston Acquisitions in Seasons.

2. Autumn’s husband is a chiropractor

3. Sunnie drives a silver Miata…nice catch, Dana! 😉

4. Sammie’s dress was yellow

5. Victoria’s father is Mayor Earnhardt MacDougall (i cannot believe Sharon forgot that) Officer Jacobs’ father won once he stepped down.

Quiz #2

1. Rob has been in Lakeville since 1976

2. Sunnie’s secretary Donna invited her to church, although we are certain family has been for years now!

3. It’s A Wonderful Life…isn’t that everyone’s favorite Christmas movie?

4. Silas wants to attend cooking school

5. Sunnie’s first “official” date with Officer Jacobs is in the town square, enjoying pizza until…

Quiz #3

1. Jude attended mechanics school, and also joined the National Gurad. Either answer is acceptable.

2. Sammie and Rob meet at daily Treat, Chapter 1 of Seasons.

3. Storm goes to school with Steven Reiger, Victoria’s son. He is a year ahead of her.

4. Aina: Celtic, meaning grace and joy. No, I o not have that cited anywhere, you’ll have to trust me 😉

5. Sammie and Victoria become friends one stormy night when Sammie fled to the Women’s Shelter Victoria was volunteering at.


Hahn Bui, Chapter 7 Seasons

Yes, Angie Harmon is the closest “look” that I’ve seen to my vision of Sunnie. Of course, you are free to disagree with me 😉

here is your treat!


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