March is Coming; Time For Spring Cleaning!

Lion to Lamb Challenge, 2012

March! You never know what to wear, if it will rain or snow or be 80*F…and the end of the month is my birthday 😉  I’m a perfect March person…completely unpredictable!

I had an inspiration while reading old blog posts: The Lion to Lamb Challenge! I invite all of you who have been pricked in your heart by the Holy Spirit to join in the Challenge with me. (This is my revision of that post, from March, 2006.)

My thoughts on the matter have not changed much since the original post…those of us who have anger issues have an “inner lion”. We get all our hairs on the back of our necks raised when something isn’t going right, the kids aren’t being perfect, the kids need us while we are blogging, etc…and the “lion-ish” nature kicks in and we roar away the disturbance to get back to our interests. The only thing is that our “roars” scar the hearts of those we roar at. There’s a great article on yelling at Christian Homeschool Fellowship that you can read, by Barbara Smith. (new link posted here at Third Floor Publishing) It was a major conviction for me then, and it is now. Psalm 51 speaks to restoring the heart, please read it over and over and over again!

When those “lion-ish” qualities start to rise, what can we do to become more “lamb-like” in response instead of “lion-ish”?

Firstly, we need to RESPOND and not REACT. Reacting is an impulse, we don’t think, just act. To respond, you need to stop…then THINK before we reply. If this seems elementary to you, see what happens today as you go through your normal routine. How many things are “responses” and how many are “reactions”? You may be surprised!

This also dovetails nicely into my Sunday School class. “Fireproofing Your Marriage.” ~gulp~

Starting March 1, I’ll be posting a few times weekly with verses and updates on what the Lord is doing for me in this area. I may reserve the right to be testy on Race days 😉 Okay, only if Kyle doesn’t win, is that better?

Please comment here, and subsequent weekly “Lion to Lamb Challenge” posts how the Holy Spirit is turning YOU into a Lamb. Please post scriptures that have spoken to your heart!I have a smaller version of the graphic if you’d like to link to the challenge, just email me for it. (Not that I’m expecting anything super profound to pop out…)

I look forward to having victory in this area and seeing victory in others also!

Blessed day!

*Beautiful graphic found on Turn Back To God. Thank You!


3 thoughts on “March is Coming; Time For Spring Cleaning!

  1. I’d love to concentrate more on modeling the “Lamb of God in me” than allowing my personal “lion-side” to show!!!!! Thank you for the challenge!

  2. I’m in! This is SO timely, as God has really brought this issue to the forefront for me to work on. I need to “tame” that lion!!! I am signing up to get e-mails so this blog can keep reminding me to bring out the lamb in me 😀

  3. Will try to remember this….even on testy race days. Which I failed already because I thought my husband was laughing at Jimmie’s crash but he was only laughing because they crashed….he didn’t realize Jimmie was in the crash. :/

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