Favorite Authors: Terri Blackstock

I love good stories with lots of action. On that front, Terri Blackstock certainly delivers!

I discovered Terri a while back in my church lending library. (Small aside, if your church doesn’t have a library, try to have them establish one!) Anything with “911” in the title is sure to catch my attention. I devoured the Newpointe 911 series, probably within a week. From there it was only a hop, skip and a jump to the Seasons Series, co-authored with Beverly LaHaye. I laughed and bawled my way through those a little more slowly. I love a good reading cry, it’s kind of like a runner’s high, I suppose.

Now, I can’t recall what book it was in, but in the back of one, I read the most amazing testimony. Terri used to write those crazy romance novels that I always loved. And even better, she was able to buy back the rights to them and she wrote them over with Christian principals! Those are her Second Chance Series novels, and all of them are wonderful! (Yes, I admit I would love to read them in the original and contrast 😉 )

Her latest series, Intervention, deals with something so many of us face: a wayward child. She writes from the bottom of her heart, the angst is real, palpable. If you do nothing else from reading this review, please watch Terri’s interview in the Intervention link. It’s only a few minutes. listen to her heart. You won’t be sorry. After all, we are all Prodigals, on some level. We may not have been in an addiction cycle, but we can all relate.

Her book Predator should make you run screaming from any online “social” sites. It’s an eye opener to the very real and current dangers of putting your whole life out there for people to track. I highly recommend this book for everyone who has teens and need to be reminded that while things like Facebook are fun, sometimes it can cross over the line. The main character wants to solve the mystery of her sister’s murder, and she puts up a fake profile to search for him. It’s a wonderfully woven story, and I think you’ll be stunned when you see who it is who is stalking people. VERY satisfying read!

I enjoy Terri’s style. It’s a good pace, intriguing right from the first page. I find I can pick up one of Terri’s books and be through it so fast I’m surprised! The story was that absorbing. Some may say it’s simplistic and predictable, but I wouldn’t agree. There’s always a twist. Sometimes it’s a bad twist (you know, in that “this is GREAT!” kind of way!).

You can find a list of Terri’s books here. You can also “Like” her Facebook page here and be up on all of her events, releases and give away contests. There’s a contest running right now in which you can win $500 and $500 for your church or a Christian addiction outreach program, details here. She also has writing tips on her web page. All in all, Terri Blackstock is a great author and a wonderful inspiration and example.

A fun video about

Things Novelists Do While Their Novels Remain … Unwritten

starring Terri, among others.

Thanks Terri, for hours of great entertainment! 🙂



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