March 9: The Lion Refuses To Stop Roaring

In all honesty, I haven’t spent much time thinking about this since I posted. My hubby went for cataract surgery on the 7th, and it was a challenge just getting to that day staying relatively nice while he was very uptight. Not an excuse, in fact, I should have been MORE on spot with prayer. Lesson learned we shall move along.

Part of this problem is that I’ve become a “later” riser than I usually was. I don’t know why but my normal time to be up has shifted from 5:30-6AM to 7-7:30AM. Dude! I’m happy we homeschool, because the thought of getting up for someone else is daunting. It’s a rush to get up and ready on Sunday for church (8:45 start) but we manage. And I even smile 😉

So, I think my second goal needs to be:


(yes, i need to yell at myself)

I’ve gotten into the very nice habit of making sure everything is set up for morning by 8:30 PM…coffee is set up, hubby’s clothes and breakfast is out. If he has lunch in the fridge, I write him a note so he doesn’t forget it. No, I’m not one of those “wonder wives” who gets up with him. Never have been, and he has never expected me to. Works very well for us. Don’t get all up in my grill over it. (I cannot believe I just typed that, AND left it!) The boys’ have also shifted a bit, and they wake up any time between 6:45-9AM, depending on if we are sitting the previous night. I COULD have almost 90 mins of time to get my reading, prayer, exercise, shower and coffee done.

Let’s recap.

Goal 1: Make my FIRST moments of the day moments with Him.

Goal 2: Start my day early.


Lord Jesus, You know what a lazy lump I can be. Help me this week to rise earlier to have that special time with You alone. This is what I need. I ask that those who are following along can make their time, whenever that may be, a special time with You, be it early afternoon, or after the kids are in bed. Whatever time we deem to carve out of our day and dedicate to You, I pray protection over that time. No matter what, the enemy will try to mess that up. But GREATER is He that is IN ME than he that is in the world! Thank you Jesus! In Your Name I pray, Amen.

4 thoughts on “March 9: The Lion Refuses To Stop Roaring

  1. Hey Barb! Don’t feel too bad about the shifting wake up times. My boys are in public school, Nick catches his bus at 6:30a and I have to drive him to the bus stop so we are up at 6:00a. Then I wake the younger boys at 7:00a (yes, I leave them home alone long enough to run Nick to his bus — no fear only one way up to our house and I can see anyone headed that way). The younger boys leave to catch their bus at 7:45a, usually Jeff runs them down the hill to catch it since he gets home at 7:30a. Lately I’ve been heading back to bed once Jeff gets home and he stays up until around 10:00a when we switch. :giggle: The nights he is off he handles the entire morning routine and wakes me up around 10:00a. Maybe it has something to do with getting older — we like our sleep more?

    • Cari, I agree with you on the “getting older” thing…and I thought it would be one of the things I enjoyed, but I really do LIKE to be up early…so I need to, FOR ME, make some kind of attempt.

  2. Ah, Barb, you are speaking my language right now! I TOTALLY KNOW that *my* day goes better if I get up earlier. I usually get up with hubby—-but have developed the habit of going back to bed!!!!!!! I hear you . . . . . . I hear you!

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