Why My Husband Does NOT Understand Me

Recent conversation:

ME: This was a GREAT book! (after putting down Chautona’s Here We Come)

HUBBY: Was that your book?

ME: *blank stare* Honey, that’s CHAUTONA on the cover.

HUBBY: Oh. *pause to look more closely at book* What was it about?

ME: It’s her third and final in the Aggie storyline. Aggie is a young gal who is raising her 8 nieces and nephews.


ME: *head scratching* because her sister and husband were killed in a car accident and she was named their legal guardian.

HUBBY: Does she know?

ME: *blank stare again* Did who know what? Of course Chautona knows I read the book, I got it from her.

HUBBY: No, does the sister know she’s named in the will?

ME: No.

HUBBY: Well, that’s a silly scenario! You can’t just dump 8 kids on someone! That would have to be agreed on, and very specific papers signed…

ME: Honey, please put on SPEED Channel, I think there’s a Β race update….



8 thoughts on “Why My Husband Does NOT Understand Me

  1. Barbara, it’s not nice to lie to your husband. Of course Aggie was mentioned in the will. You read about it in books one and two. Silly girl. Can’t believe you lied to him like that.

      • Or there is the possibility that I was a little obsessed by a different character πŸ˜‰ and that info just fled my thoughts *whips halo off head to vigorously polish*

      • No, but your conversation reads that she inherited without any legal issues at all. You can leave guardianship to someone without their knowledge. They don’t have to accept (and Aggie’s sister planned for that as well).

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