Training, Endurance and The Bolder Boulder

If you’ve been following my sporadic postings, you know I want to do the Hot Chocolate 15K in December. Well, my friend from church decided I need to do the Bolder Boulder. Thanks Patti. Really.

This is really a GOOD thing, because I have been putting off starting my C25K training. I’ve been planning on getting this started, and getting the boys to run it with me. (side benefit: PE class) But, there’s always an excuse:

~ tired

~ illness (mine, the boys)

~ baby sitting (we watch GrandSon 4 evenings a week)

~ editing (I’d probably think more clearly if I’d get my butt up)

~ lazy

Several things have knocked MOST of the complacency from me the past few days. One was Patti insisting that I CAN do this. It’s good to have a friend who believes you can.

One is the things the Lord has been putting on my heart. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed. I was just weeping the other day over things and I found this on RC Sproul Jr’s Facebook page

Ask RC: What Should I Do When I feel Totally Overwhelmed?

Ouch. But oh, so needed!

Here is a service from my church, about endurance:

Click this link, then click “Endurance Training For The Long Run”

Feeling the 2×4 yet? I did. So, Monday, we start C25K’ing. I’m thinking we’ll go up to the homeschool co-op building and use their track. Good reminder to call and find out if that would be okay to do 😉

I’m also going to start my seasonal dropping the meat from my diet. I don’t know why, I seem to crave meat during the winter. Weird. I won’t go totally vegan, just mostly red meats. I’ll stick with my dairy, thanks.

Have a Blessed Easter!


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