Post Publication Doldrums: PPD For Writers

Thank you, I love to coin new phrases.

Sunnie’s Rainbow is in the final, FINAL stage. Create Space will be seeing her soon, and so will Amazon. Hence, my bout of Writer’s PPD.

Symptoms include, but not limited to:

~ a certain, creeping knowledge that every word you’ve written since grade school is crap

~ uncontrollable urges to tear anything on paper to shreds

~ instant tears the minute someone tells you how much they loved your book, because you fear for their mental state

~ sending random friend requests via Goodreads to very famous authors (my apologies, Cassandra Clare)

~ Tweeting famous NASCAR drivers with links to your blog (again, apologies to Michael and Darrell Waltrip) (in my defense, they ARE mentioned in the chapter posted here)

~ making inane excuses for above behaviors (see above)

Symptoms will last anywhere from the time you email the final proof to your illustrator until Amazon/Create Space sends your email confirmation that the book is live. You will then be free from WPPD until you start the process over with your next novel.

It IS a Disease. I am so glad I caught it!




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