Sidetracked, Again

Yes, we got sidetracked by the nasty, stuffy head gunk that’s been going around. It’s hard to try to run when you can’t even breathe!

So, again, we’ll restart on Monday. By then, hopefully, all of us will have clear sinuses.

Also in the process of devising meatless meals that the whole family will eat besides pasta. Or pizza. If we had to go gluten free, we’d all die.

So, I’ll be breaking out my original Moosewood Cookbook…you know, the one that has all the yummy, full fat dairy in it, not the updated, soy-infested version. Also enlisting the help of Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything app on my phone (it was a freebie from Starbucks a few months ago!) My beloved decided that the whole Pink Slime debate was disgusting. So, we’ve check off red meat as a meal option.

The weather is supposed to hold, so maybe we’ll take Grandson to the park on Saturday.

Have a great week!

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