May Is A Very Busy Month

Or, it has been so far for our family. We had the flurry of mailings for Sunnie’s Rainbow, the short ordering of Sunnie’s Rainbow and subsequent re-ordering of more books to send out. My shipping guy loves me.

I have a wonderful web designer who spruced up and added a few things to my website for me. Then, in one fell swoop (or, in this case, press of a button) I destroyed three hours of work she did for me. Thankfully, she is still speaking to me and will be fixing it all up again. I have sworn on the heads of my beaded dragons (that her son made for me, seen on PenFruit (Reush is featured on a map of Pern)

We also made a few schooling changes, and that took a few days of walking a mile uphill to the school for assessment testing.

The end of our Community Bible Study group happened, and we had a lovely Share Day luncheon. My Beloved was able to take a personal day so that I could attend. He’s the best! ❤ The plans to start a teen CBS group here in town are progressing well, and we hope to start in January, 2013. Please pray for that.

My local library now carries both Seasons Of A Life and Sunnie’s Rainbow! To me, that is more thrilling than the fact that I have an author page on Amazon…almost.

To round out my craziness, I just sorted my last few books to ship. When I picked up a copy of Sunnie, I could not help but notice she had gained about 100 pages. As I flipped through the book, I was surprised to find this

Yes, that is a complete random book in the middle of mine. The only one that I know of. So far, I have not gotten any complaints, but it’s a wonderful reminder that I need to check my shipments before I send them to customers. Again, I highly doubt Stephen King or Terri Blackstock have the problems I do.

I am looking forward to a little less crazy. Maybe in 2064.

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