So, When’s The NEXT One Coming?

No, not babies (thankfully, for me, at any rate). Everyone I run into who has read Seasons and Sunnie ask me this. And I smile kind of goofy and say “Uh, soon?”

The problem, which is probably a GOOD problem, is that I have NO IDEA what one to work on next! Maybe I should have a contest to see what one is “most wanted”.

Okay, in all honesty, I would like a non-Lakeville story to go before the next Lakeville. I would love to release my NaNo story, Angels Unaware. It’s sorta science fiction/fantasy. A cross between It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. Without the holiday. LOL. My friend Lynda, whose husband Kevin is mentioned in the front of Sunnie’s Rainbow, is working on a terrific cover photo. I suppose I should concentrate on that, but as always, Lakeville has a way of wiggling into my mind at the strangest moments.

The next Lakeville will more than likely be Silas’ book. I really love Silas. I want his story to be next. I just have to wade through it and decide if there are any plot spoilers for any future books. This is where my Lakeville story lines all sort of meld together, and one wil mention the other and eee-GADS!

If you have an opinion, feel free to post.

And go take a look-see at the wonderful web upgrades Heidi did. Especially after I totally screwed it up. I promised on the heads of my beaded dragons I would never again TOUCH the admin panel. Since I already told you that in my last post, here they are to make certain it does not happen again.


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