Ready or Not: Kindle freebie from Chautona

Chautona is a great friend, wonderful mentor and all around good egg. She puts up with me, isn’t that enough? 😉

She’s having a free promotion on her book Ready or Not. Not only that, but if you run over to her blog and let her know you’ve downloaded (and a host of other things like Facebooked, Twitted, etc) you get an entry for a book giveaway. One of her other terrific books! So, run along and let her know. By the way, I think I did it all but send a message via The Enterprise to Pern. I’m a good friend like that. 😉

I did blog about Aggie once. She’s a spirited young woman who learns that she’s “inherited” her 8 nieces and nephews after her sister and husband are killed in a tragic car crash. The three books in the series tell a wonderful story of self-sacrifice in the face of very hard times. Aggie’s faith, punctuated by p-mail, and the love of her good friend Tina, carry her through days filled with puppies, wall tagging twins, the agony of pre-teen girls and a full house renovation. Enter a very accommodating handy-man, a Corvette driving cop *heart throb* and a neighbor affectionately dubbed “Murphy”…oh yes, let’s not forget the Grandmother from the Nether Regions. Trust me, this is a series you do not want to miss out on!

You can read excerpts of Chautona’s novels on her blog. You will not be sorry that you discovered her!


2 thoughts on “Ready or Not: Kindle freebie from Chautona

  1. Aw, thanks, Barb! How come I didn’t think to blog your giveaway this weekend! Next time you do that, REMIND ME to blog/post/share! I’ve been a little “out of it” I think. Sorry!

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