Wednesday Means…

NEW Episode of Willow! Make sure to ‘like’ it on Amazon. Every little bit helps!

Since Chautona loves me so much, she agreed to let me interview her! (I KNOW!! SQUEEE!) If there’s anything you’re dying to know about her, post it here. I’ll add them to my list. Unless, of course, it’s already something I thought of. In which case, it’ll be answered. Oy.


Restoration is going well. Working hard to entwine the stories into something meaningful. Sometimes it goes well and others…let’s just say the brothers certainly have their own, STRONG personalities to contend with. It’s been a very fun experience. I found the Restoration theme. Ah, you were waiting, I know. You already know Jude’s (Mighty To Save) and Si’s (Desert Song). The story’s song is:

LOVE that song! Oh, when they sing it together…

Okay, that was a little slip of “spoiler”, sorry 😉 I should be posting the first chapter soon.

Enjoy the song, Worship the Lord on this fine day!


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