Happy Anniversary!

To ME! 😉

29 years ago, I was out having breakfast with my Mom. I have no recollection of what or where, but it was a sweet time. We got home, futzed around a while before my cousin Cheryl came over to get dressed. Meanwhile, my hubby-to-be and his brother were out getting their tux’s and all that man related stuff.


It was a wonderfully humid day in NJ (isn’t it always?) and my friend wrote on our white car windows with bright red lipstick “JUST MARRIED” and all we could think it that if it melted, our car would have red drips on it forever.

I don’t remember much just being hungry. Selective memory 😉 It was a humble beginning, and that’s really all that matters. It’s been a mostly terrific, sometimes rocky, but always worth it road.



and now:

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. WOW! 29 years….will you do something BIG for 30??? Jim and I are off to PEI, Canada for our 25…hopefully! Congrats and here’s to another 29 years!! 🙂

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