Catching Up…

Catchy title, eh?

Things have been busy here the past two or so weeks. I pushed to finish Restoration before my hubster had 10 days off…his first vacation in four years. Before you even ask, no…we did not do anything. We just hung around and ate a lot.  More on that further along…

Restoration came in at 110K, and it’s over at Anne’s house being perused for anything that should be added/taken out/worded non-passively (apparently one of my weak points  ) If you read Sunnie’s Rainbow, you’ll know who Anne is. After she gives it a once or twice over, I’ll give it a final tweak before zipping it to Madame Editor. Who is quite busy at the moment, so it’s a good thing I’m waiting until an unnamed date. I also need to shore up Angels Unaware, get that pre-edited and tweaked. So, my goal for 2013 is 2 releases. Nowhere near Chautona’s grueling schedule, but that’s okay. She’s had more practice than me .

My wonderful friend Donna O opened her new website on August 1 and it seems to be going along very well! Stop by A City Chick In The Country and poke around a bit. Spending time with Donna online is almost as fun as sitting at your kitchen table drinking cawfee with her. Trust me, I’ve had lots of practice on that.  Donna was my very first friend when we moved to PA in 2001. her husband Jim was one of the men who inspected our house, and as we talked we found that 1) we were all believers and 2) they attended the church we planned to attend! Our younger boys are the same ages as hers, and suffice to say we spent a good portion of time together. So, hurry on over and say hello. She has a huge heart for ministering to women. In a related note, and a little of my own horn-tooting, I’ll be guest blogging for Donna so she can run off and celebrate her birthday on August 23. Some people have all the fun. 


As I mentioned, I’ll be tweaking/editing Angels Unaware, my 2011 NaNo. I’m also working on rewriting Celia and Jesse’s first story, Lakeville 4 (Trial and Triumph) and my hubster would love for me to finish Park bench, my 2010 naNo that sort of bombed out after 25K. So many stories, not fast enough to type them out.

Other things that will be keeping me busy in the coming months besides writing? The boys start the homeschool charter in 2 weeks, I’ll have parent-volunteer hours to complete (almost ALL the library slots were taken! HORRORS!) and I will be joining my Community Bible Study class this year as a Children’s Leader! I am especially excited about this; it’s been just over 10 years since I was last in leadership in NJ. I miss it! A small group of us have been praying for over a year to start a teen class, but that was not meant to be at this time. As usual, in God’s sovereignty, we all “suddenly” have other ministries that need us. Wednesdays will be busy, busy B.U.S.Y! as church dinners are also starting back up and I help in the kitchen.

Last, but not least at all…

I must conquer this battle with the bulge. My idea to lose 25 pound by age 50 is a bust unless I drop it all in the next 7 months. I suppose it’s doable, but…I so need to do this. I want to be healthy and not limping on Wednesdays (or any other days) and I want to hike all these mountains around here. WITH my family. So starts the earnest pleas for forgiveness and help in this area. A few prayers of help can’t hurt, so if you think of me, thank you.

That’s my last few weeks wrap-up. Stay tuned, as I am determined to be more than a “guest blogger” right here on my very own blog! 


3 thoughts on “Catching Up…

  1. HEY! Nice to have you back. Life gets busy so darn fast! What charter school are you doing? Is it like the PA cyber program? I am interested in CBS groups. I am going to go to their site and see what’s what. I cannot imagine having all that non fiction in my brain. I can hardly deal with IRL stuff :0). Thanks for the shout out. The web site is fun. I am looking forward to your guest appearance. Can’t wait until fall when my life is not so loopy :0).

  2. The charter is an actual brick and mortar school! *gasp* It started as a co-op with a few families in 2001 and grew to become an actual charter here in Arvada. They have a full time high school and K-5, plus the homeschool program. So, it functions as an “umbrella” school. We’re technically “dual-enrolled” (what.EVER) CBS would be a terrific thing to bring up to NEPA 😉 I’m so happy to be a part of it, it’s about 8 years for me (between here and NJ)

    • That’s so cool! anything that helps right :0)? Sorry I did not respond earlier…I forgot that my WP responses go to my City Chick account 0_o…

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