Freebies from Chautona

Her first book Noble Pursuits, is available free on Kindle today!

Once upon a time, a home school mom of nine heard the question, “How do you do it all?” one too many times.  Every time someone asked her the question, she would say, “Well, you get them one at a time.  They all don’t show up at once.  You add experience before you add the next kid or stage.”  Then one day she wondered.  “What would happen if a young woman inherited 8 kids of varying ages–all at once–and with no real experience with children?”  She did research.  Talked to teachers.  Found several who had made it through their education classes without a rotation with smaller children.  SCORE!

Halfway (or maybe a bit more) through that book, she saw something that prompted another question.  “What would happen if a man got fed up with women chasing him and went looking for a traditional woman?”  Nolan Burke (originally Barnes… can you imagine… Barnes.  Noble.  Nah…) was “born.”

When it came time to enter the world of publishing, I started with Noble Pursuits.  Most of my other books had sequels, so I thought Grace and Nolan were a better choice.  I made every rookie error in the book with this poor novel.  This weekend, I reedited it just for this promo.  In doing so, I got reacquainted with my characters.  I love Grace.  I love Nolan.  I crack up at Aunt Fran every single time.  But, I saw it with fresh eyes and let’s just say I can see how I’ve grown as an author.  Forgive the weaknesses and I hope you enjoy the strengths.  There are some, small as they may be.

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