Happy Labor Day! Fill Your Kindle!

Well, maybe not fill, but you can load two books onto it!

Seasons Of A Life goes on promo for 48 hours starting TODAY! Sept 1!

Sunnie’s Rainbow follows close behind on Sept 2!

Now, friends, I am going to ask a few favors. Remember, I’m asking because I need to do all this promotional stuff myself instead of having a marketing manager.

~ Please link the free promo on any social media you participate in: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

~ There are book covers and trailers on my Pinterest account to repin; each book has it’s own board

~ PLEASE download, even if you have a copy. It helps the ranking. Like it on Amazon (small button next to the title)

~ Review it if possible. Reviews help get the word out

~ Like the Lakeville Facebook page, my Amazon author page, my Pinterest boards, follow me on Twitter…you know, all that stuff (Goodreads, too!)

Thank you to all who do the little extra things to spread the word about Lakeville.

Have a terrific weekend!




2 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day! Fill Your Kindle!

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