What’s Happening Around the Blogsphere

Every Wednesday, you can pop over to Chautona’s blog and enter book giveaways by downloading new episodes of her Past Forward serial novel. The problem with this, however, is that when you must get ready to be out all day Wednesday starting at 7:40 AM, you don’t have time to READ the dern thing! 😉 She has a handy little widget on the top left to tell you what episodes are available. The first 2 volumes are also available in print and on Kindle, naturally. Books are available on Monday, so if you cannot wait to grab a free Kindle copy, you can get ahead of some of us by purchasing them.

City Chick, AKA, Donna O has enjoyed a busy month of blogging and website working. Stop by for some cute giveaways (including my books, soon) and words of wisdom from Donna or a nice list of her guest bloggers! She has some fun link ups going like What’s Up Wednesday and Take/Put It Off Tuesday.

One Good Thing by Jillie is a new fave of mine. This week, we’re making the powdered laundry soap. I have a list of her “home made” versions of things from shampoo to body butter that I will be trying out.

Okay, so my blogshpere is kind of small. Next week, I’ll put up a list of author blogs that I like to pop in on. Yes, I promise. I told you all I was going to be better about blogging. It’s just those pesky folks in my head that keep me in other places. 🙂




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