Eleven Years…

I know there’s a slew of “Remember When…” blogs, posts, Tweets, etc today. And that is a GOOD thing!

In CBS, we’re starting a study of The Divided Kingdom. The kingdom divided ultimately because of strife and selfishness on the parts of the leadership. They refused to learn from the lessons of the past. They refused Godly counsel. They refused GOD. Oh, that our leaders would learn from the lessons of the past, and seek GOD’s wisdom in their rulings.

There never was, and never will be again a sky so blue as on that morning.

My daughter was off to school. We were just getting into the school routine with the older boys. My now 13 yr old was clamoring for Blue’s Clues. My phone rang.

My Mom. We talked several times a day, it wasn’t unusual for her  to call early

“A plane just flew into the Trade Center! They think it was a small passenger plane, like the Empire State Building.”

I quickly switched to the news, to witness the second plane soar into the other tower. The TV went dead. It was the tower that held all the local antennas.

The world stopped turning.

Yes, we watched from my inlaws’ apartment upstairs. We could SEE the smoke from the Towers. Smell the stench. Witnessed the incredible sight of NO PLANES flying in our skies, something I was utterly used to, having grown up in the traffic pattern of 5 major NY/NJ airports. When your father is a pilot, you look at every plane that flies overhead from the time you can walk.

I tried, for a while, to be normal. I called my friend to wish her a happy birthday. We cried.

I called another friend, whose husband is a NYC fireman. Praise Jesus, he was fine.

Then we heard from family. My mother-in-law’s sisters all lived in the area. All were fine. Two cousins worked related to the area. The cousin who worked for the Port Authority was at the Towers THE DAY BEFORE. She would have been in a training meeting on the 11th, but did not want to go into the city on a Tuesday. The other cousin was there, going to his job as a stock broker. First hand witness to the carnage. He could not work for 9 months afterward.

My brother-in-law worked at The Towers in 1993, the first time someone tried to take them down. My mother-in-law and her sisters took me to Windows On The World as a “bridal shower” way back in 1983. We took the older set there to the Observation Deck to stare in awe at our home state of NJ.

For several weeks afterward, the body shop my husband worked in received cars covered in thick yellowish soot. The remains not only of buildings, but people. Dreams. Shattered lives. They had to clean off the caked on remnants of war.

The Towers are personal for me.

For months…probably years…this picture was on our fridge. Come, Lord Jesus.

(Picture courtesy of this post by Russ Keat. Please read it. Powerful.)

2 thoughts on “Eleven Years…

  1. :0(…I had tears in my eyes as I read this. So many people were touched in a variety of ways. We had a friend back then who had epilepsy. He witnessed it first hand as he worked across the street….he had to walk across the bridge to make it back to Brooklyn. As a result, the last I heard he was not able to go back to work because of the incessant amount of seizures he experienced post 9/11 :0(. Thank you for sharing.

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