Revised Editions of Seasons Of A Life Now Available!

Yes, I said that: REVISED Editions!

From the front of the book:

Ah! What a time it has been! It’s quite heady to open that box and see YOUR book—that labor of love, sweat, tears, and frustration finally in print. You want everyone to have a copy, to read it, and love it as much as you love the characters.

Then it happens. Someone, somewhere, doesn’t cherish them as you do. Opinions matter to us. Being a part of the Body of Christ, there is one opinion we hold above all others. Scripture.

Yes, my picture is on the cover of the book. Yes, my story is typeset in those pages. But, my story and my person are representative of my Lord and my King. 

God uses all things to work for His good. I put the matter before Him. The result is a revised edition of Seasons Of A Life and Sunnie’s Rainbow with unfit language removed.

I humbly apologize to any who’ve read the original that I offended. I pray that the revised edition blesses all those who read it.

In His Service,


To celebrate, the Kindle Edition will be free for 5 days starting Oct 20! I’d love to be able to replace all bound copies, but alas, I am not in the same financial echelons as JK Rowling or Chautona Havig 😉 If you would like a traditional bound copy, they are available on Createspace and Amazon.

Revised editions of Sunnie’s Rainbow will be available soon!

Thank you all for your support, patience and love!




3 thoughts on “Revised Editions of Seasons Of A Life Now Available!

  1. So…I am not sure what “unfit” language you are speaking of? PLEASE share…me be confused! :0) I have my conference next week and so I hope to do your review when I get back…finally!!!


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