New Season, New Goals, New Blog To Follow

I know this blog is supposed to be dedicated to my insanity known to all as Lakeville (well, writing in general) but, interesting things have been happening here lately. If you read the last post, you know I’ve been revising both Seasons Of A Life and Sunnie’s Rainbow as well as working on Restoration. While all that has been going on, as well as school, etc, we found out that we are moving. *thud*

It’s a local move, to a farmhouse that has 8 times as much room as we do in the apartment. We’ve been cleaning it out (part of the deal) and my wonderful Beloved has been working on a family budget. Yes, of course, I’m kicking and screaming all the way on that one but it’s something we should have been doing the past 30 years, that when he’s done it sporadically, we’ve been in a good financial place. We would like to be there again. Hence *cue scary music* The Food Budget.

I confess, most of what is out there I hate. It doesn’t really matter if it’s Christian or secular based, MOST budgeting books/plans/blogs out there assume you’re a moron and leave you feeling like a failure if you cannot follow their plan to the letter and be successful. Boo hiss. Since I already feel a little like a loser in this area, I don’t need the ‘encouragement’ that I am indeed out of God’s will or whatever else they threaten you with.

Enter Donna O’s FB posts (which she is posting from a writer’s conference…no, I am not envious) linking to a great site: The Peaceful Mom. Donna herself is a virtual storehouse of knowledge about frugal living. And she makes the greatest chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, but that’s another story. 😉 She linked to a post where Kimberlee offers her ebook Save More, Clip Less . Okay, I obviously am jaded (see above paragraph) but on Donna’s okay, I grabbed it and started to read it.

Not only have I read the whole thing *gasp* I printed a few menu planners/shopping lists and plan to read the highlights to my hubster tonight. SHE MAKES SENSE! And her testimony on the detriments of “extreme couponing’ cemented every bad thought I have ever had about that. It’s a great little book with enough information in it for ten of the others.

Now, the fun begins. Making a price book (which I sorta started in March, followed through mid-April and, oh! shiny object!) tracking sales in my 4 local stores and best of all saving that hard earned cash! I guess old dogs can learn some new tricks. (no comments, Kirky!) I’m hoping that along with Jillie’s DIY tips (she posted a great home made version of Bisquick today!) we’ll eat better, save a few bucks and relieve stress from my hard working Beloved’s mind. Most of all, we’ll be honoring our Lord by being better stewards of what He has given us.

I’ll post a follow up once we are in the house and in fuller swing of implementing our plan. In the meantime, here’s a peek at the new digs. Complete with several nice little writing nooks, both indoor and out ❤





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