This Happens All The Time!

Moments of clarity; the wonderful timing as I crack an egg on the edge of the bowl, start whisking them together and proudly announce, “This would make a GREAT story!”

No, not the eggs, per say…it’s kind of like the book “If You Give a Mouse A Cookie…” I’m whisking eggs to feed my hungry kids or hubby breakfast and the scene that’s been niggling the back of my mind comes to light. This phenomena hits with irregularity. It could be making breakfast, standing in line at WalMart (is there anything better to do there?) or in the middle of the night when I wake up for no apparent reason. (Hello, age 50!)

Then, I sometimes thing with a boat load of guilt, that I haven’t blogged recently. (okay…maybe not a BOAT load…more like a shopping cart full) Thus, my eggs-inspire-me-to-write post. Really, the smallest things prompt a response in my brain that my husband is sure is a sign of a terminal illness.

Reading other novels inspires me to write more. Listening to a song, looking at a leaf; so much inspires so much more. Isn;t that the way God created us? To be inspired to create, no matter how that comes forth. In a new novel, a recipe, a new scarf pattern, or a wonderful hand created card. No matter what it is, if you find yourself inspired, take the time to bless others with that inspiration.

Now, back to those eggs…




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