Start The Holidays With A Bang…Or A Kindle

I was never one for the big Black Friday hullaballoo. I like my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. That’s a whole different kind of crazy!

But…here’s a Black Friday bot of fun that I can’t pass up! Chautona is giving away a Kindle Paperwhite! Here’s the scoop, direct from Chautona herself 😉

LET’S CELEBRATE!  So much happening today. I’m giddy. Wednesday night (ok, mostly super early on Thursday morning), I made Hungarian Coffee Cakes.  These things take a long time to make so between mixing, rising, cutting, dipping, rising, and baking times, I rewrote the ending of Advent.  Yes, I did.  I rewrote that ending.  I decided it had a flaw I didn’t like so I fixed it  (and nearly had a nervous breakdown as I did.  Just sayin’).  Then, after I stuck the turkey in the oven to roast all night, I uploaded Advent to Kindle and went to bed.  It was only about five o’clock by that point.

Between chopping potatoes, onions, and celery, I and my amazing daughter, Braelyn, changed the price of EVERY one of my books on Amazon to $.99 yesterday!  That’s right, from today through Monday night, all of my books are $.99!  (Ashley is such a cool publicist!!!)

Then, while my potatoes boiled and the dough sat rising by the oven, I started this (in other words, that’s what’s happening now.  Thought you oughtta know.  My house smells great, I’m starving, the natives are restless, but we’ve got priorities!  BOOKS PEOPLE!)  ;)

Oh, before I forget, please don’t forget the ChristmasSpecial on print books!  To order, just send me an email at chautona @  For more information, click HERE.

So it’s GIVEAWAY time!  We’re giving away a LOT of prizes.

Grand Prize: Kindle Paperwhite!  Man, I love these things.  I want one so badly that I’m almost salivating here.
First Prize: Amazon $15.00 Gift Certificate
Second Prize: Amazon $10.00 Gift Certificate
Third Prize: Amazon $5.00 Gift Certificate

How to win?  There are LOTS of ways.  I’ll recap for you from the Rafflecopter widget:

  1. Tweet this blog post!
  2. Like the Facebook post of this blog post.
  3. Blog about this giveaway.
  4. Pin the Giveaway.
  5. Leave a REVIEW of any of my books on Amazon (can be done multiple times!)
  6. Subscribe to my Newsletter or refer a friend.  If friend subscribes, you get an entry!
  7. Leave a Comment!

Stay tuned for Monday’s freebie!  I have to go set that up now because I’m leaving on Sunday (for 24 hours to celebrate 24 years of marriage with my hubby and I won’t be around to set it up!)

Also, if you have sent me an email in the last week or so, I’m really sorry if I haven’t returned it.  Ones requiring thought have had to be put aside to get ready for the holiday and this promo.  I WILL get back to you.  I promise!



One thought on “Start The Holidays With A Bang…Or A Kindle

  1. Have great fun with your Honey and enjoy the honeymoon! I hope when we post, pin and add to facebook it automatically adds us into your drawings. LOL I am still enjoying Willow, Aggie, and plan to try a couple of your other books.

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