Book Review: Double Exposure by Susan Sleeman

I met Susan by way of the Blog Scavenger Hunt in October. MANY wonderful authors were giving away books, as well as a cool grand prize of a Kindle Fire and 31 books! Plus, each author that participated had their own little giveaways. I won 2 of Susan’s books! I’m always up for free books! Two books in the Justice Agency series.

Unfortunately, they arrived right in the midst of my move. Only one mile away, but still a move. Yowsers! How did we have so much stuff in a 750 sq ft apartment?

FORTUNATELY, I knew right where Susan’s books were packed. 🙂

From the back cover:


Photographer Jennie Buchanan unknowingly captures a drug-cartel meeting on film. And now she has become a killer’s next target. Even worse, her only protection from the danger that threatens her life is the man who threatens her heart. Dodging bullets almost seems safer than facing the feelings stirred up by seeing former FBI agent and ex-boyfriend Ethan Justice again. Ethan vows to safeguard Jennie from the deadly men on her trail. And for a second chance at Jennie’s love, he’s willing to risk anything to expose the truth-about the drug smugglers, the past and the future together he still wants.

From the very first page, Jennie’s plight and the complicated relationship with Ethan grabbed me. I HAD to keep reading! I was then introduced to the Justice family. This is a family I must read more about, and thankfully, Susan is busy writing more!

The story is faith-inspired, yet not preachy. The simple faith of the characters and how they work through their situations smacks of reality. Nothing super-sugary. Real life happening and the response of prayer woven  throughout the story. Jennie struggles with forgiveness and acceptance. The Justice family models these qualities and helps her overcome a huge roadblock. Meanwhile, she’s being hunted down by a drug lord whose picture she accidentally takes. The revelation of the bad guy knocks your socks off, as does the nail biting rescue attempt.

I started Dead Wrong this morning because 1) it was handy and 2) it’s a dang good thing it WAS handy or I would have had to have gone to WalMart! I need to find the other Justice Agency books, and fast!

I also wanted to give Kudos to Harlequin. Yes, THAT Harlequin. They have a new (to me, in any case) “Inspirational” division. No tawdry covers or plot lines best left unwritten. I was stunned when I saw that familiar logo on the back of the book. (My mom was a voracious Harlequin reader ‘back in the day’) I’m impressed that they saw an audience and offered good, fun and clean reading.

Susan is now on my “Favorite Author” list. You can find her online at:

and on Facebook and Twitter


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