What’s An Author To Do?

I usually don’t think of myself with the lofty title of ‘author.’ I consider myself a simple story teller.

But, that’s neither here nor there.

While I wait for the return of 2 manuscripts–one from an editor and one from an illustrator–I decided NOT to work on my 3 open stories sitting in my dock. No, a new Lakeville story popped into my mind early Christmas morning and I’ve been working on it ever since.

Not completely conducive to my plan of getting at least 2 books into print this year, but when your characters practically drop the whole story into your lap overnight, you really must write it down.

*shiny object interruption: I am eating a salad with cilantro and I really dislike the stuff*

Ahem, in conclusion, my writing goals for this year, 2013, are:

~ publish Restoration

~ publish Angels Unaware

~ decide which Young sibling goes next in publication order

~ finish, for my husband, my 2010 NaNo, Park Bench

~ decide if I want to attend RomCon with friends from church in June as a fan or a writer or both

~ decide on my genre for NaNo, 2013

~ complete at least 2 random manuscripts I have lurking in my document folder

~ blog with a wee bit more consistency (stop laughing, Chautona)

All in all, a completely do-able list. Now that I wrote them down, as Laura discusses in this post, they are tangible. I think 2013 is going to be a smashing year!





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