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Yes, I am still here. I’ve been busy writing another new Lakeville, wrestling over which book to attempt to publish next and wrangling editing issues. Plus, we had a bit of a curve thrown to us that we need to deal with. All of which have not thing one to do with this post, but I thought I’d let you all know what I’ve been up to. I always appreciate prayer. πŸ™‚

Today’s musings are brought to you by this comment, posted on a group page that I belong to (and probably lurk more than contribute, but hey…)

My heart breaks as I see so many Christian ladies books that glorify rebellion, defiance, stubbornness, independence, lust, and anti-christian fantasy, all in the name of Christ.

Whoa! I have to wonder first, who is this person speaking of? I hope they did not download either of my books and come to this conclusion. So, as I walked the track today, I thought about this. Recent revamping of my content shows, I HOPE, that I can accept a criticism, bring it before the Lord and correct it.

Between Bible study and church the past few weeks, the message has been “Don’t Compromise. Live FULLY Devoted To God!” I’ll confess something to you. I don’t always want to give Him everything. Sometimes, I really want to eat that 3rd brownie. (okay, 2nd) (OKAY!!! 4th) I’d like to have that car instead of our little putt-box that has a stick shift that I hate driving. I’d like my kids to go to the local Christian school. I like my stories, written the way I like them.

Then I have to pull myself up and say, “Lord, I am a selfish blob of protoplasm. Why do You put up with me?”

The fact is, I do attempt to make my stories real. Yes, I know that some people prefer not to read about pre-marital sex, inappropriate language, gluttony, et al. In my experience, real Christians face hard issues and sometimes they are not victorious over them. I hope and I pray and I constantly beg God that my books would honor Him, glorify Him, and make it plain that HIS way is the only way to live a good life.

Conflict. It makes a good story. Do I agree with my characters when they go astray? By portraying a struggle, does that mean I am glorifying the sin? I adamantly say “NO!” I’m usually in tears as I write hard scenes. (so, maybe I’m weird) Please, let’s not make rash, blanket judgements on others when we do not know their hearts.

I do pray over what I write. And, I do pray that someone, somewhere, may be reached by it, whether it be to see Jesus as Savior, or to recommit their life anew. If I wrote a thousand book, or made a million dollars, nothing would compare to that–in some small way, God used my stories to bring someone closer to Him. That, friends, is priceless. And, that is why I write.



4 thoughts on “Mountain Musings

  1. Hear hear. If we want to show the process of redemption in our stories, then our characters have to need redemption. Otherwise we risk giving the impression that the Lord is only interested in perfect people!

  2. Awesome blog. I too had to consider my response to this statement and examine my writing, which isn’t a bad thing! While there may be some books out there like the ones the person was describing, I was reminded of some of the stories in the Bible. πŸ™‚ Not all of them are the best! But they are used to show how God works in and through our mistakes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don’t believe the books I’ve read that are promoted as Christian themed promote or glorify “rebellion, defiance, stubbornness, independence, lust, and anti-christian fantasy.” In fact, I believe most of them show it as the consequence of a fallen world. Without showing the reader at least a glimpse of what the character has been through then we leave the character incomplete and give off the image of Christians as only being those that have “made it” so to speak. If one reads the Bible one sees that the chosen of God are often those that have fallen and through His grace manage to get His message to others. As the Bible says, it is through our weakness that His strength is made whole.

  4. Writing is rarely an easy process. At a recent conference I heard this account of someone who had sent in a piece of work to their publisher. the publisher kindly returned the work and said “This a good…now take it home and bleed into it and it will become great!”. When I write I need to write what He leads me to…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Like you said, Christians HAVE struggles. You KNOW what happens when we try to live in a Utopia, right???? Yeah, BTDT it don;t work :0). Glorify sin? I guess it happens in writing, but I have not experienced that is any of the Christian stuff I have read. Now some have a different view/opinion/belief than I do as to what constitutes sin. Some may believe that sharing any form of sinful action without the presence of on the knees repentance as sin. Some take offense that I often use humor when talking about my “sin” or struggles…I also use a lot of tears but that seems to be forgotten. Go figure. Thing is, we all must do everything as unto the Lord, and we need to not put so much care into what others think. if I edit my writing simply to please people that were “offended” by what i said, how is that doing things unto the Lord since I pray over my writing and believe I am doing His will? Not to say I should not be approachable and consider what anothers’ thoughts are—there is a fine line people listening to the admonishment of someone we have built a relationship with and listening to the “holier than thou you need to repent and do things my way” kind of person. “let your yes be yes, and your no be no”. To me that scripture means “ray about what you do, say, write, etc. and stick to whatever it is God has laid on your heart. Be willing to listen to a brother or sister in Christ, but do not be swayed yo please everyone that may think contrary to you.
    There’s my sermonette! :0)
    Thought provoking indeed :0).

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